Nave Creations

Jewels for The One You Love.

Born and raised In Tahiti, Lani  the Designer of Nave Creations started drawing jewelry in 1997, thanks to the support of Her Grand Father and the creativity she inherited from her Mother.

"As a 19 years old college student in a  foreign country , she realized  that she could make extra money  creating jewelry with the shells her grandfather would send her.
Designs from her Collections " named after her 3 sisters were cut in Tahiti and assembled in Hawaii.
In 2007 she left her creations aside and she moved on to other ventures.
Thanks to the encouragements of  friends and  family she recently decided to create again.

Note from the Designer:

"For the people who believe in me, who loves me and who are  a big part of my life I hope that my talents brings You All pride because You are the base of my inspiration. To my Mother and Sisters, ( Maeva, Heilani, Piilani and Hinerava.) Thank You for your Beauty, Talents and Characters. Many of my pieces were handcrafted and shaped by the essence of whom You are. To my family, I wouldn't be who I am if it wasn't for  your Love and Support.

As I em-barque in a new journey I hope that you enjoy my collections as my goal is to enhance the beauty that lies within each of us."